At Erase, we are clear that cosmetic injectables such as dermal fillers and wrinkle-reducing agents are medical procedures. There are risks associated with such procedures and the outcomes are not always as beneficial or risk-free as the marketing hype would have consumers believe.

Our injectors are all experienced, specialist doctors. We also have a highly qualified registered nurse who injects following your personal consultation with one of our doctors.


We are not believers in a 2-dimensional video consultation, which is not an adequate alternative for a person to person consultation.

We don’t list prices on our website, as we believe it gives patients an unrealistic expectation as to cost.

When prices are listed, there is no indication of the dilution ratio and usually no information on the expertise of the injector.

An experienced injector will understand that less is often more.

We believe it’s more appropriate to give an expected cost for treatment following a personal consultation with the doctor who will carry out or direct the treatment.


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