Vickis' Areas of Concern

Pigmentation, ageing and overall trying to look great and look younger.


I live a very busy life style working 7 days a week and doing very long hours. So when I get a chance - which is 1 day a month - I love to visit Erase to try all the different products and procedures they have to offer. I strongly believe that being a woman, we need to look after ourselves and keep looking beautiful at all times. It's part of life that we get older and start to age but since I have been visiting Erase my life has changed completely. I have never felt and looked so beautiful. When I’m out and about and dealing with my clients and seeing friends I get such beautiful compliments of how great I look and how gorgeous my skin looks. It really throws me because I can’t believe that I look so young. I’m in my late 30’s but people mistake me for my 20’s. That feels awesome! It’s such a nice feeling knowing that I’m going to age looking amazing all because of Erase and the wonderful treatments and products they have to offer. Thanks Erase and keep doing what you do best!!!

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