Jan Marini Skincare Management

We sponsor and recommend Jan Marini Skin Research products because they bring about the most positive skin changes in most people in the shortest period of time. Skin concerns (dryness, oiliness, redness, brown marks, acne) are the result of inflammation in the skin. Jan Marini skincare is researched and manufactured in the tech capital of Silicon Valley and each product contains incredibly effective formulation technologies to calm inflammation and correct skin function.

Bringing About Positive Change In Your Skin

The simplest way to bring about positive change in your skin is to stop mixing and matching different products from different manufacturers. Too much skincare is made from low quality materials sourced from places with little regulatory oversight. Even the tagline “Made in Australia” can be misleading if the product is put together from ingredients purchased from offshore.

We recommend Jan Marini’s Skin Care Management System is commenced at least 2 weeks before any treatment, especially prior to laser or intense pulsed light. This 5-product kit with full instructions is suitable for almost every skin type and age because it addresses the underlying inflammation and “reboots” skin to normal function.

Once your skin has been normalised, you will find you are less prone to breakouts, redness settles, oiliness and /or dryness improves as do texture and discolouration.
For laser and light treatments, improvement in discolouration is essential to reduce risk and enhance results.

For a free skin consultation and to find out more about skincare management, please contact us on 03 9576 2177.

We can send your products to you by express post (no freight charge). Or, you can visit janmariniaustralia.com.au to purchase from the official Australian website.

We use only Jan Marini peels at Erase. These are expertly formulated for various skin types and concerns and your Dermal Clinician can advise you on the peel most suitable for you.

All skin peels require a preparatory skincare regime to optimise results and reduce the risk of excessive inflammation.

Peels are a great way to resurface the skin and improve texture and luminosity at less cost than laser therapy. They are also highly effective in managing acne-prone skin and reducing lesion count.


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