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Clear and Brilliant Laser

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Clear and Brilliant Laser – Erase Aesthetic Services Malvern

If you would like to reduce early signs of ageing, subtly and effectively, Clear + Brilliant Laser may be the option for you.

Many lasers have been invented to help minimise and improve skin concerns. Clear + Brilliant is categorised as a gentle laser resurfacing treatment, invented by Solta Medical, who also produce the Fraxel Laser.

We have introduced Clear and Brilliant into Erase as a conventional step up from microdermabrasion and for people who seek improvement in texture and tone more permanently. Not only will Clear + Brilliant help to give a fresh glow back to your skin, but it also visibly improves skin texture and tone. It has the ability to produce a new healthier layer of skin and stimulate collagen production much deeper than a chemical or fruit acid peel.

Clear and Brilliant works by vaporizing the surface skin in microscopic columns, leaving surrounding tissue untreated.
The body’s natural healing process creates new collagen to replace the columns of affected tissue. Once healed, the skin texture will improve and lines will soften.

A very exciting fact is There is very little downtime. In fact, you can use your normal skincare and a light application of mineral makeup to disguise any pinkish undertone immediately post treatment.

Skin may appear slightly pink for 1-2 days and a little dryness for 3-5 days. The overall appearance of your skin will not change, so you can get back to work the next day without feeling uncomfortable about the way you look.

For post care, we recommend the Peptide Extreme and Transformation Cream from Jan Marini as it contains vital growth factors and peptide technology to help soothe, hydrate, and stimulate healing within the skin. We also have all the necessary products made into a kit, designed for your specific skin type.

To cater for your needs, and give you a better understanding about how to maintain your skin, come and have a free consultation with one of our dermal clinicians today.

Pricing of Clear and Brilliant Laser

For pricing information on Clear and Brilliant Laser treatments, call us on this number 03 9576 2177 or alternatively go to our contact form to have one of our receptionist call you for assistance.

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