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Jan Marini Skin Research

Jan Marini Skin Care Products

Jan Marini Skin Research Products

When we opened here in Melbourne almost 15 years ago, we searched the world for the most effective skincare range to stock for our clients.

Jan Marini Skin Research was the range we realised we should be recommending our clients. Professional strength and medically validated, Jan Marini products provide exceptional results and are fantastic value for money. We are also proud to be the Australian distributors, supplying clinics nationally with this amazing skin care range.

Based in the biotech hub of San Jose, Jan Marini Skin Research is now recognised as one of the leading private pharmaceutical companies in the world. The technologies they’ve developed, and their formulation expertise, has them leading the industry. They hold several patents, and have a number of strategic partnerships with leading scientists and universities in the US. They’ve just been awarded Best Skin Care by New Beauty Magazine for the second year running.

Jan Marini products make a profound difference to the texture and quality of your skin almost immediately. Damage acquired after years of sun exposure and the effects of age and lifestyle will be visibly improved. Within a short period of time your skin will feel soft and smooth and look so much younger and more translucent.

Jan Marini products smell fresh and feel invigorating. Good skin texture is vital to the way we present, particularly as we get older, and good skin texture can only be achieved through optimum skin health and well-being. Jan Marini provides that, better than anything else currently available. We recommend you give Jan Marini a try. You won’t believe the difference!

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