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Skin and Laser Treatments

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Erase Aesthetic Services – Skin and Laser Treatments

Sunlight and UV radiation has a profound effect on the skin causing premature aging. This is characterised by lots of different factors but the most noticeable change is altered skin pigmentation.

Pigmentation is a very common skin concern. And the way we treat it depend on the type of pigment presented.

There is sun induced pigment change, caused by chronic sun exposure and previous sun burns. This is what we know as a freckle or a sun spot

Another type of pigment we treat is melasma also known as the ‘pregnancy mask’. It presents itself as brown patches in a symmetric like pattern on the face. The exact cause is unknown but it is believed hormones play a significant role. This type of pigment can be triggered by pregnancy, oral contraceptives & some medications.

Lastly there is Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and this is a skin response caused by inflammation or injury.For example the marks you are left with after acne lesions or a stain of colour left after a burn or injury.

At Erase we use a selection of IPL, laser and fractionated technologies that are very successful and suitable for all skin types.

All modalities are safe and can be performed on all areas of the body.

Results from our IPL laser treatments are often achieved with 3 treatments and are completed at 4-6wk intervals. Down time is very minimal and in most cases can be disguised with a dust mineral make up.

For a complimentary consultation contact our friendly reception staff, so we can determine an appropriate course of treatment for you.

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