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Tattoo Removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

In the video above one of our qualified Dermal Clinician, specializing in skin and laser at Erase will discuss the Q-switch Laser for Tattoo Removal and demonstrate how the laser works.

Sometimes our perception in body art or tattoo art can change and we often wonder if it is actually possible to remove or fade them.

There are many laser machines as there are to various skin conditions. And here at Erase, we offer a Q-Switch Laser from Alma laser, which is capable of treating multicolored tattoos, including blue, black, green, and red inks.

Laser can interact with skin in different layers and depths of skin. The Q switch laser is the most reliable method we have today. The “specificity” in interacting with the tattoo ink without disrupting or injuring the surrounding skin, has made Q switch laser the ‘gold standard in tattoo removal’.

As the laser targets the skin, the energy from the laser shatters the tattoo pigment into tiny particles, which are then eliminated by the body’s natural healing process.

The number of treatment required for removing a tattoo will depend on several factors such as location of the tattoo, ingredients of the tattoo ink, and patient’s skin type. Professional tattoos will require an average of 8-15 or more treatments, while amateur tattoos require a minimum of 4 sessions. Some clients seek less treatment, in order to reapply a new artwork over the top. This will require 2-3 sessions.

For a free personalized consultation, visit Erase at 188 Glenferrie Road Malvern. Our staff will be sure to help you find the best solution, to meet your skin needs.

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